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Among the new heroes of the sustainability scene: the tomorrowagents!

Their mission is clear: just be sustainable! Doing so, they create something new and improve everything already established. 

They are motivated contemporaries, who take part in the sustainable development of communities.

They are committed to their own project, or to a plan from the department of tomorrow. They use our professional network to help link others to their innovative ideas!

How to become a tomorrowagent? You can't become one - you are one! Perhaps you just don't it know yet...

Examples of agent activities:

  • Participation in a social- or education project in Germany or Africa - actively and on site.
  • Practical project combining sustainability and art.
  • Participating in the education for sustaining development (esd) and usage in educational institutions

Have you got your own, unique idea, but can’t say if it is possible and worth realizing? Are you unsure what sort of networks to activate? Are you afraid your idea may be "too small" or "irrelevant"?

Such questions are the extra something for a tomorrowagent's taking action and an essential premise for innovative challenges!

department of tomorrow - just as the name implies...