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Political standards today reflect social anxiety for sustainable intergenerational development. In 1992, during the United Nations' Conference on Environment and Development in Rio, the discourse on sustainability came on to the political agenda. Since then, the matter of economy, social life and ecology has become the subject of all disciplines and is, among other things, the reason for an increase in entrepreneurial social responsibility, especially as it manifests in CSR.

In addition to the political and social request for an intergenerationally- balanced satisfaction of needs, focus also rests on economic profit - something the department of tomorrow perceives as a substantial challenge for future enterprises

For societies to set sustainable standards, then protection and promotion of a socially-oriented business must be one of the basic claims of future politics.  

The department of tomorrow is in constant communication with national and public institutions like BMZ, GTZ and InWEnt, partly to consider political guidelines, and partly to help integrate this network with businesses for successful project realization

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