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the future starts now

...with making your ideas and visions a reality.

department of tomorrow unifies socio-political and entrepreneurial demands for sustainable development, supporting your project not only when it comes to strategic design, but through its entire implementation. 

We create CSR projects for and with companies, take part in the social sustainability assessment, have extensive experience working with NGOs and finally - with our various programs and projects, provide committed contemporaries with the chance for socially responsible action.  

The department of tomorrow is an all-in-one service provider, network and social entrepreneur.

  • Thanks to an interdisciplinary network, differentiated competences are combined to secure a holistic development.
  • By combining a sustaining company spirit with political-scientific findings effective projects are created 
  • The reputation of the enterprise is improved by identifying proactive strategies.
  • By integrating education for sustainable development (esd), the projects, in turn, become part of the social development process

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department of tomorrow - just as the name implies...