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easyGo - easyCome

easyGo - easyCome is the name of the exchange program offered by department of tomorrow.

In cooperation with for fair educationanyone can undertake an internship in one of our partner countries in Africa or Latin America, both committed adults and students. Regardless if you are seeking social training, clinical medical training or classroom experience - department of tomorrow supports and mediates your objective through competent preparation and on site supervision.  

Examples of our diverse range of practical training include:

  • Assisting in various tasks at an orphanage (social intership)
  • Teaching at an on-site partner school (classroom experience)
  • Doing a clinical intership at a state hospital

The Center for Teacher Education (Zentrum für Lehrerbildung) at the University of Münster officially recognizes all classroom-oriented activities. The Center acts as a direct cooperation partner and, with its PiA-seminar, offers an intercultural preparation seminar.

In addition, department of tomorrow identifies individual funding opportunities and provides technical support as well as support with regards to content

So far, a large number of trainees have participated in this program, hence contributing and simultaneously extending their practical know-how in an intercultural and pedagogical way.

Furthermore, craftsmen from North Rhine-Westphalia will assist in the construction of a school library in autumn 2010. This project is realized in cooperation with InWEnt NRW and Chamber of Commerce Center of Education (HBZ) in Münster.