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department of tomorrow

department of tomorrow, as a virtual interdisciplinary institute, combines basic approaches and concepts concerning sustainability research.

We live future trends and actively partake in the scientific discussion on sustainability to identify achievable outcomes and integrate them into projects.

Along with tackling ecological, economical and social problems, department of tomorrow and its network are competent in fields like "education for sustainable development (esd)","barrier-free life" and "innovation communication"".

Further Sustainable Research Areas (SRA) in existence:

  • demography
  • accessibility
  • mobility
  • architecture
  • social life
  • education
  • economy
  • social business & CSR
  • agriculture
  • ecology
  • energy
  • climate

Through integration ofscientific and socio-political discourses, department of tomorrow secures the effectiveness of your initiative. We become the interface between research and markets.

Our current recommendation: enorm!

And what´s more: This is not the place for prophecies!

department of tomorrow - just as the name implies...